Why has this happened?

You previously accessed your account on a website that was hosted by Cofunds.

Cofunds is now part of Aegon, the global savings and investment provider. Over the past 15 years, Cofunds has grown to become the UK’s largest investment administration service. By bringing together the scale and experience of Cofunds, with the innovation, financial strength and product know-how of Aegon, we aim to provide even better support to help you manage your investments.

Together we’ve created a fresh, new site for you to access your investments online. This new site will replace https://nationwide.mypfp.co.uk when you want to access your account.

How to access your account

You’ll need the activation code we’ve sent you in a letter. Once you have this, you can go through a few simple steps to activate your account. If you haven’t received the activation code and you believe you can activate an account please get in touch.

Remember to bookmark nationwide.aegon.co.uk for future use.

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